Late Night Ramblings

A friend texted me happy half-birthday yesterday, reminding me of how much things have changed since I spent my 21st birthday in a hotel in Seattle six months ago, waiting to board a plane on my first international flight. It was probably the first time in about a year that my whole family spent the night under one roof.

Life changes.

Sometimes a lot more than you expect it to, as in all of our cases this year. 2020 has certainly been full of change.

Six months ago on my 21st birthday I would have never imagined my life as it is now. I was busy planning out my travel plans for the year, most of which got cancelled.

I didn’t make it out to California, or Virginia, but some new life changes I haven’t been expecting has happened.

I had a lot of time during the shut down to work on projects. Believe me, it wasn’t a vacation. I got most of my second book done, “The Bull River Gang; Book One, Thief in the Night.” I’m still working on some final edits and then I have formatting to work on. My goal is to get that out before school starts … in a little under two weeks.

I also finally got my Etsy shop, Hannah’s Honeybees, up and running. It was a ton of work getting the labels created since I had to work from scratch, but it’s finally up! Right now I have four different variations, peppermint, pink grapefruit, lavender, and unscented. I’m working on figuring out a few more to add. I also got a local store to carry them which is super exciting.

Then just while I was busy with all that, BAM! I got thrown a job offer and now I am a full-time copy editor at the local press.

With my new job and college (at which I’m working as managing editor for the press and senator on student gov), I decided it was high time to move to town. It was sad giving up my beautiful home on the cattle ranch, but everything kinda’ just fell into place so I went along with it.

This morning I drove the 10 minutes from my new apartment to downtown to shoot a session for one of my photography clients. I sat by the beautiful water fountain and thought, boy am I blessed. This is my home.