Character Cheat Sheets


Introducing (drum roll please) the Character Cheat Sheets!

A lot of times when we’re writing a book, especially a series, it’s hard to remember little but important details we put in, like hair colors or ages. When we come across the same character later we sometimes forget what they looked like, or what their last name was. That’s why before, or during, my course of writing a book, I scribble down these details on a chart. If I forget what Elizabeth Wilson’s hair color was, or what job Joseph Martin held, I can just scroll down my sheet and . . . voilà! Saved! No long search through the entire manuscript for that little detail.

And now I’m sharing these sheets with you!

There are two versions, complex and simple. Use the one which fits your type of writing best.

Choose Word or PDF:


Complex Character Cheat Sheet Word

Simple Character Cheat Sheet Word

Complex Character Cheat Sheet PDF

Simple Character Cheat Sheet PDF



Getting to Know Your Characters


I recently decided to make some fun online games to go with my book, one of them being a character personality quiz. I thought that would be easy, but boy was it a lot of work! I didn’t know as much about my characters as I thought I did. It ended up with me taking an online personality test as each of my characters just so I could learn more about them. Not a bad idea! I learned so much about my characters that totally made sense, but I never realized before. This said, I plan on taking that quiz for my characters before writing my books now, and I would encourage others to try it. Such a help for character development.

Here’s the link to the personality quiz I took to learn about my characters:

Free Personality Test / 16 Personalities