After You Write Your Novel…

Well, you should be working on your next book, but….

There are things you can do after writing your novel to keep your readers interested and looking for more of your work. I would suggest to get your author name online, so when they research your book they can find out more about you and if you have any other works out there.

Some sites you can set up an author profile on are:

Author Central-Amazon




Also, why not start a Facebook page? I’ve found that as the easiest way to go, and the easiest to keep your readers interested.  Make sure you like a lot of writing sites so if you don’t have anything to post you can always share theirs. Then don’t forget, there’s always the blog. On my blog, I give my readers more information about my book, recipes from the book, etc. Depending on how professional you want to be, these can be free, too. There are several blog hosts so before you begin I would suggest looking them up so you can find the one that works best for you. Some hosts are WordPressAltervista, and Blogger. You can also set up a Gravatar.

Then there’s what I’ve just started looking into, which is making activities that go with the book. I used Playbuzz to make quizzes and am looking into other things.

For lots of these options you will want to upload photos that go with your post/quiz/etc.  If you don’t want to take these yourself, there are some great free stock photo websites out there.  For ex. Pixabay and Stockvault.

Hope that was helpful. Get to work putting your name out there!