About Hannah Loviisa



Since this is the “about me” part of my blog, I’ll try to tell you a bit about myself. First off, my dreams are wild and constantly changing, but at the time when I wrote this, I liked singing, rodeos, running barefoot, swimming in the lake, road tripping, painting, adventuring outdoors – and of course, writing. Whew, that’s a lot!

I’m saved by grace and I work, school, and dream in beautiful north Idaho. I mostly enjoy writing historical fiction and adventure books. My writing adventure started at an early age of six when I wrote a very short, very sad little work.

Growing Up Wilder is so far my first completed and published book, and the result of my get-a-book-published-by-16 goal. Currently, I’m working on an adventure series called The Bull River Gang.

Most of my inspiration comes from my own experiences growing up with my three siblings in the country, and my crazy adventures trying to survive college.

Thanks for dropping in! If you would like more information about my books or writing you can contact me under the contact bar on my blog.


2 thoughts on “About Hannah Loviisa

  1. Leah Leary

    Hey Hannah!
    I LOVE the Millie series too!(if I had a facebook I would join that group but, I don’t! XD) Your photography is really cool! 🙂 Keep up the good work! I am a Christian too and love how you share your faith here!
    ~Leah 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. hannahloviisawriter

      Hi Leah! Nice to meet you! I’m so glad you’re familiar with the Millie series. They’re my favorite! Thanks for following my adventure! ☺️


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