About Hannah Loviisa


Hi there!

I’m a young Christian girl who’s in love with writing. It started at an early age of six. Mostly I enjoy writing historical fiction and adventure books. I published my first book when I was sixteen, Growing Up Wilder. Right now I’m working on an adventure series called, The All for Jesus Gang.  After the series I plan to work on some western plots. Most of my inspiration comes from my own experiences growing up with my three siblings in the country.


Working at a living history camp

Besides writing, I also have many other hobbies. I enjoy running 4-H meetings and showing livestock at fair, raising bees, and living history guiding.

A Few of my Favorites

Color: Forest Green

Food: Ice cream

TV Show: Bonanza

Book Series: A Life of Faith; Millie Keith

If you would like more information about my books or writing you can contact me under the contact bar on my blog.


With my bees


Staging for a cover shot










Follow me on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/hannahloviisa

Click here to buy my book, Growing Up Wilder


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