How Writing has Benefited Me

Hey guys! Here's a guest post from a young writer, Jewel Dodgson. 
Hey! My name is Jewel Dodgson and I am 14-years-old. I have seven siblings, five sisters and two brothers. I recently moved to Tennessee seven months ago. A few of my favorite things to do in my spare time are reading, writing, and exploring the beautiful outdoors.

When I first started writing I was 12. I was writing school essays and short stories. I thought they were boring and annoying to write. Then I got an assignment to write a creative and descriptive essay. It took me about 2 days until I found a topic to write on. I was sitting at my desk in my room when BOOM! An idea hit me in the head and I ran to the get my laptop and started to type away as fast as I could.

When I started typing that essay, I realized that writing can be a whole lot of fun! That was when the door of creative writing was opened. When I found out about creative writing, I started to enjoy writing school papers. I began to see writing as a fun thing to do instead of a chore. Once I found out I actually liked writing, I started to put my thoughts on paper and started my own story. I found out that it’s a lot of fun to use my imagination to write!

  Writing has helped me to put my thoughts into words, and words on to paper. It has also helped me with communication. In the years to come, I hope to become a better writer and to explore all the different writing techniques and finish the book that I am currently writing.

Jewel with an 8 lb carp she caught in the Holsten River. 

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