Book #2 in Process

A peek at my messy binder

Well here it’s been a little over a year since I published my first book. So ta-da! I’ve actually been working on this (not consistently unfortunately) for quite some time now. This is the first draft of my second book, The Summer of Our Lives. It will be the first in a short (by that I mean roughly 100 pgs) adventure series of a group of young kids (ages 9-15). The series will be seen through the main character’s eyes, Mary Ellen, as she and her brother and friends rollick the countryside, get into scraps, and learn important life lessons.

Sneak Peak below!

My side smacked the handle of that iron frying pan when we hit the bottom of the hill. Did it hurt! I stuck my free hand in the gunny sack to pull out that bad pan, and I felt something else metal; the handle of a pistol. And then I realized how much danger I was actually in.

©Hannah Loviisa

Excerpt from The Summer of Our Lives, Book 1 in The All For Jesus Gang

Join the All For Jesus Gang in the first of many adventures as they romp in the beautiful Big Sky country!



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