Across the USA in 33 days

Road trips are the best. We went on this one so my brother and I could compete at the National Poultry and Egg Conference in the avian bowl competition. (Did I forget to mention I’m very active in 4-H?) The competition was held in Louisville, Kentucky. We got on a tour bus and visited Churchill Downs

Kentucky Derby Museum

and the Louisville Slugger museum and factory.

Louisville Slugger Factory

At the competition we got second place. Here’s a few pictures of my team and me.

Awards Banquet


After the competition we got to visit friends in Virginia and North Carolina. That was awesome. Virginia is super beautiful (here’s a pretty picture from a walk we took, the cover picture is also from VA)


and in North Carolina I slid headfirst down the stairs on an air mattress and made a hole in the wall with my head (here’s a pretty picture of the hole).


We also visited relatives all along the way and stopped in Mount Rushmore

Mount Rushmore

and the badlands, South Dakota.

Badlands, South Dakota

I was excited to drive through Montana, the setting of my next book.



Beautiful, isn’t it? Well, time for the writing to commence now.

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