Character Interview: Elliot (The Professor)

Elliot (The Professor) cousin of Jacob

How old are you? 14

What do you like to do in your spare time? Read mostly, about science and history. I spend a lot of time reading or tinkering around with inventions in my little “lab” on the side of the house.

Any pet peeves?  I can’t stand it when people are purposely ignorant.

Give me one interesting thing about yourself? I love learning, but I also like adventure so it’s not all book reading.

What is your favorite food?  Yorkshire pudding- a English food that my mom makes

Favorite color? I like teal.

Tell me about your family life. I’m an only child and I’ve lived in Twin Pines since I was three. My parents own the General Store and I help them run it.

Future career plans? I want to be an inventor and writer like Benjamin Franklin.

One thought on “Character Interview: Elliot (The Professor)

  1. Liberty Bluebelle

    You’ve got a good handle on making interesting names that fit the character! I’m looking forward to reading this story. =)

    “Where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is liberty.”

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